Miami Ad School Rio de Janeiro

Art Director: Valeria Moreno

Copywriter: Joana Lucas


CHALLENGE: Create awareness about sexual harassment on night clubs.

IDEA: The Brazilian Association of Night Clubs and Bars will create a fake number so women can use when they feel harassed. 

EXECUTION: Women will be able to use their area code followed by the word ASSEDIO (harassment) so when a man is insisting on having the phone number he will receive a text or a voice message alerting him about sexual harassment. 

MESSAGE: You don't know whats happening here. The woman that you met at the bar gave you a wrong number. This is no joke, the motive is serious: harassment. Forcing a woman to do something she doesn't want to, even if it's just giving you her phone number is harassment. This could be the beginning of something more serious. Harassment is a crime. Become aware to help create a better environment for everyone.